Tips For Making Your Home More Green

Becoming more environmentally friendly is all the rage these days. Since the industrial revolution us as a human race have been polluting the planet like it was replaceable. Scientists have recently discovered how much damage we have done to the planet and it will be an enormous task to clean it up. However, it is never too late to become more environmentally conscious. These simple tips will help you in saving energy and becoming more green for the future’s sake of our ancestors and ourselves.


The easiest place to start is in your home. There are many things that can be done to help conserve resources. If everyone on the planet chipped in to do their part we wouldn’t be heading down the dastardly path that we are currently facing. Simple fixes include replacing toilets, faucets, and shower heads with low flow models. These help to conserve water and waste a lot less. Our fresh water supplies are drying up by the day and water shortages are inevitable if we do not change our ways and learn to conserve this precious resource.


The next easiest step would be to purchase energy saving appliances. These appliances use less energy overall and help to bring down electricity costs. They manage power in a more efficient way while lowering power drainage when they are set to off but still currently plugged in. Using these types of appliances and devices causes a domino effect. You save money on your power bills, the power station then uses less resources in providing that power to your home. If everyone in the first world only made simple changes like this we could cut pollution as well as the increasing demand on energy. Prices would fall and we would be using less resources to power our lives. Make sure to look for this symbol while purchasing new devices or appliances:

energy star symbol


One of the most important energy saving plans that you can implement is to make sure your home in properly insulated. The cost of insulation is miniscule compared to how much you will be saving in return. There are multiple benefits to having your home properly insulated. First, you’ll be more comfortable overall. Your home will be less susceptible to extreme temperature shifts. These apply to places further north where the fall and winter months get extremely cold. This also helps during the summer to keep cooler air trapped inside so that air conditioning does not constantly run.

Second, you are saving on heating and cooling bills. We talking about the type of domino effect in the last paragraph that this can have on energy consumption and savings. When insulation your home make sure to heavily insulate outside facing walls, attics, upstairs rooms, bedrooms, and the techs over at recommend even your garage. These types of one time changes can do wonders on both your pocketbook and the help you will be providing to our planet earth. We all need to take more steps to become more environmentally friendly and if everyone on earth did just minor changes then we could help conserve resources and turn the destruction around.